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Divorce and taxes

Divorce brings lots of changes, and yet another is the way it will affect your filing status as a taxpayer. The more complex the divorce gets, the more complicated a person's taxes can become.

Can you still file your income taxes as married while you go through the divorce process?

Will your marriage survive the post-holiday divorce fever?

Recently, an extramarital dating site called Gleeden announced to the media that it was able to predict the day of the year when adultery is most likely to occur.

Based on responses from a survey of 13,000 of the site's 3.3 million members, January is the most popular month for new registrants to the website, with peak sign-up activity occurring on the second Monday following Christmas. This year, that date fell on January 9.

Who gets the data when a couple divorces?

In today's hi-tech world, when couples marry, their data often merges as well. So when relationships hit the skids and the parties wind up in divorce court, splitting their digital handshake can wind up being quit complex.

The world got a glimpse of a slice of this last fall during the election when former congressman Anthony D. Weiner and Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman, Huma Abedin split up over his alleged penchant for sexting young women. All of a sudden, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized a laptop apparently used by both spouses in order to comb over it for clues into Clinton's purported illegal use of a private email server. The resulting blow-back was enough to derail several promising political careers.

Common questions about child support in Maryland

If you are the custodial parent of a child and are seeking support from your child's other parent, you may have some questions. Below are some common questions and answers regarding child support in the state.

How do I get a court order that entitles me to child support and my child to coverage under their parent's health insurance?

Same-sex divorces fraught with same dramas

It's a cruel irony that the marriages that some same-sex Maryland couples sought for so long have ended up on the rocks. Yet in still another way, it shows that there truly is marriage equality, even in divorce.

If you are about to start 2017 as a single man or woman fresh out of a same-sex union, it's perfectly understandable that you are angry, hurt, confused and any combination of a dozen or more other negative emotions.

Are your kids stressing over your divorce this holiday season?

One of the greatest gifts parents can give to their children is a stable upbringing full of happy childhood memories. When divorce splinters a family and children become the collateral damage from failed marriages, sometimes this can be challenging.

If you are facing the holidays newly-single with your kids, you may notice that signs of stress and tension are showing up in your kids. It's important to do all that you can to reassure them and make them feel secure even if you aren't feeling that way so much yourself.

Determine whether you need a qualified domestic relations order

If you were married to a spouse who receives, or will receive, retirement benefits, you are likely entitled to at least a portion of those benefits in a divorce. However, in order for the plan administrator to recognize you as an alternate payee, you will need to obtain a qualified domestic relations order.

Known as a QDRO, this is the decree, order or judgment required by retirement plans to pay you your share of the benefits of their plan participant. There is very specific information that must be present in the QDRO, namely:

6 good reasons to try co-parenting

It's an unfortunate fact of life that couples grow apart and marriages end in divorce. Sometimes the traits that once seemed the most endearing at the first blush of romance become the most grating in the final throes of the relationship.

However, as annoying as your spouse may be, the fact that the two of you are divorcing doesn't by default make him or her a bad parent. When it comes to settling custody matters, it's often best to achieve detente and learn to co-parent effectively.

Military divorces are particularly complex

Divorce is always disruptive, but for military couples, it presents even more challenges to already stressful situations. Against backgrounds of deployments, actual battlegrounds, post-traumatic stress diagnoses and the intricacies of military life, a divorce can become a true hardship in the lives of those who serve our country.

For service members on active duty, there are often young children involved, so settling custody issues becomes paramount for the spouses. The spouse who is deployed may not have had the opportunity to spend extended time with his or her children, creating barriers to custodial arrangements.

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